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Unlike a therapist or an executive coach, the A.D.H.D. coach educates their clients about A.D.H.D. and works with them to develop stronger emotional regulation, meet goals, find self-acceptance and create practical solutions that help them stay focused.”

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Figuring It Out Alone Can Feel Impossible

Hi, I'm Kim

Crippling procrastination, overwhelm & perfectionism ruled my life due to an invisible brain difference.

Finally, at age 39 – I discovered it was due to ADHD. Suddenly, all my struggles made sense.

My alphabet soup: ADHD (Combined Type) with both Inattentiveness + Hyperactivity with a sprinkle of Dyslexia.

It may be hard to believe right now, but there is an easier way. There is a path from chaos to calm.

From Chaos To Calm



Photo by: Luis Villasmil

Have Time & Energy For The People You Love

The difference with Kim is that I could tell she cared about my issues. Other people brushed me off, but she took me seriously and worked with me. It meant so much to finally feel validated. – J.R.

I had tried so many things before finding Kim. I used to worry about work so much. I constantly felt guilty about being late and worried about what I might be forgetting. I never felt caught up. Now, I can actually relax with friends and have finally started dating again. – K.L.

I came to Kim because I had to get my stuff together. My boss and coworkers were always frustrated with me. I just couldn’t stay on top of things. I was stressed to the max and trying so hard and was always exhausted. I didn’t think it was possible, but Kim helped me figure out a plan of attack that let’s me be me. I thought I had to suck it up & suffer, but I’m on top of things now. – H.T.


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  • 10 year vault of webinars/courses by ADHD coaches/experts
  • ADHD Diagnosis or Meds from doctors who won’t treat you like a drug seeker.
  • Free or Low Cost ADHD Coaching
    • Contact someone at to explore being a volunteer client for new coaches.
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