Are you ready to stop fighting with yourself & start fighting for yourself?

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From Chaos to Calm


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Current Thinking
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  • Blaming & shaming yourself because you think you should be able to do xyz….in the same way “everyone” else does.
  • Losing precious hours, days taking detours on the shame bus.
  • Needing fear, anger or guilt to make yourself take action.
  • Attempting to “beat” yourself into a version you can love.
Current Mornings
  • Struggles to get out of bed.
  • “I had 4 hours to get ready & I was still late.”
  • “Breakfast? What’s breakfast?”
Current Days
  • Telling people you forgot their project, because it’s more embarrassing to admit that you were panicking about it all week, but just couldn’t get started.
  • “It’s so simple, why can’t I just do the thing??”
  • Takes on big, challenging, “sparkly” projects [Fool’s Gold] – but then quickly loses interests, forgets or procrastinates.
  • Forgets what strategies work for you – when you need them most.


New Thinking
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  • Letting go of trying harder. Embracing trying differently.
  • Avoids detours on the “shame bus”.
  • Instead of beating yourself up, you will spot when it’s your ADHD is getting in the way – not “you”.
  • You’ll know how to problem solve vs wasting time being stuck.
New Mornings
  • You know what you need in order to get out of bed each day.
  • You accept that you aren’t a robot – a machine without needs.
  • Therefore, you set up an easy way to feed yourself enough protein + complex carbs to energize your day.
New Days
You’ll know…
  • Your unique Focus Formula, so starting is easy.
  • How to set up projects so you’re more likely to follow through….and not drain yourself.
  • How to spot “Fool’s Gold”, before getting sucked in.
  • What Real Gold is for you & how to sprinkle it around your life.
Rest easy knowing exactly where all of these learnings are located: your Personal Playbook / Operating Manual that we build from Day 1.

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Allows you to do what you need to focus.
Some people lay down, knit, use their stationary bike, etc.